GBPUSD short

GBPUSD short

I have finally added a trend following strategy to my arsenal. (this is still in forward testing for the next 2 months).

It involves placing 1 trade every monday night and using the breakout of mondays opening range to profit from.
At the end of every evening up until friday i place the stop loss behind resistance. and if it doesnt hit targets by friday night i close the trade.

If the MOR is above the DOR i look to short, If the MOR is below the DOR look to buy. Its as simple as that.

Hopefully this trade takes place so i can describe it better.

In backtesting, i tested 105 trades, from 2013 to 2015. the results were.

This is for GBPUSD             only

Net pips – 2546
profit factor – 2
max consecutive losing trades – 5
Average win – 119
average loss – 75

I am half way through finishing EURUSD             testing and it is already proving to be very good ?

I dont know how this will translate onto trading view, but hopefully through illustration you will be able to see where i am coming from. If you have any more questions about it feel free to ask.